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Waste Management and Recycling

An immense amount of waste and recyclable material is produced in every manufacturing unit. This waste is being considered as an indispensable resource, which is why it is important to manage it efficiently.
Weighing systems are the key for achieving that. Not only do they help in keeping an accurate check on the waste, but also they aid in monitoring costs and productivity.
To manage it efficiently, weighing scales are being employed extensively.

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Some Useful Weighing Solutions That Are Being Used In The Waste And Recycling Industry

Vehicle and Axle Scales
Overweight vehicles can damage roads and bridges, in addition to shortening the vehicle’s life itself. Vehicle and axle scales are a cost-efficient weighing solution to address the weight issues of a vehicle. They have a low cost of installation and are portable and quite adaptable to any vehicle. These scales accurately provide the axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types — from light vans to heavy multi-axle vehicles.

Truck Scales
Truck scales are the most popular and versatile weighing solutions used for waste and recycling. They ensure that the vehicles are filled to the right capacity without over-loading, which causes unsafe conditions. They are capable of weighing the vehicle with high accuracy when it departs or arrives at the weighing location. Truck scales are highly durable, robust, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, these scales can easily be integrated with RFID technology, which can help in tracking the vehicle.

Floor Scales
Floor scales are installed on top of a level flooring surface or a pit in such a manner that the top of the scale matches with its surrounding area. You can weigh the recyclable material or waste either by loading it directly onto the scale or by driving the waste in bundles onto the scales. They provide high precision and accuracy.

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