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Metal Scrap & Recycling

Scrap metal is any bit or piece of metal that no longer functions as part of a greater whole. But as it is valuable, avoiding major weight uncertainty is a wise decision. Reliable provides the weighing accuracy to most of the scrap industry and dealers in the middle east from several years.

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Industrial Metal Recycling

There are also metal recycling services that work on an industrial level, serving manufacturers, electrical utilities, demolition contractors and other industries that produce a constant flow of scraps in their production processes or during certain projects where metal parts are removed or replaced.

Industrial Scrap Weighing

And while most metal recyclers are fair in there assessment of scraps, there are three major variables that are not visible to the eye but will determine the price paid for scraps.
1.    Grading:the type and grade of the metal being recycled
2.    Weight:the weight of the metal grade being scrapped
3.    Price per Ton\Kg:the current price being paid for that grade of metal

Depending on the size of the load, scrap yards will install either one or more truck scales and platform scales. Legal metal recycling facilities must use scales that are accurate and calibrated.

Weighing – All Types of Metal Scraps

Scraps are initially sorted into two groups – ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous scraps include:
•    Steel
•    Stainless steel (depends on alloy content)
•    Wrought, cast, pig and sheet iron
•    Auto, machinery, agricultural, and #2 stove cast
•    Automobiles
•    Fence wire
•    Appliances
•    Motor blocks
•    Unprepared and prepared iron or structural
•    Auto Cast

Non-ferrous scraps include:
•    Tin
•    Aluminum
•    Copper
•    Bronze
•    Lead
•    Stainless steel (certain grades)
•    Brass
•    Titanium
•    Nickel alloys

Hundreds of different metals and alloys fall under this category and can include everything from the pull-tabs on aluminum cans and insulated copper wire to catalytic converters and ten-ton ship propellers.

Truck and Platform Scales

Useful for extremely large loads of scrap, truck scales are either built into a pit that makes that scale level with the ground or are placed on the surface with leading ramps that allow cars and trucks to drive onto the scale’s platform.

The entire weight of the vehicle plus scraps will be weighed. Then the vehicle will be emptied of scraps and reweighed. The difference between these two weights determines the weight of the scraps.

For smaller collections of scrap, platform scales are used. Scraps are first sorted and then placed on the platform and weighed. The size, location and capacity of the scale will vary from facility to facility.

Industrial Scales for Weighing Scraps

Scrap yards require industrial scales that are accurate, rugged, durable, easy to use and versatile. Our platform and floor scales meet all of these requirements and feature best of class components including stainless steel load cells,weighing indicators and welded frames.

•    Our large digital display and intuitive menu instructions allow you to select pounds or metric, net or gross, and a variety of other functions while providing good visibility from any angle or distance.

•    Equipped with special digital electronics, our platform and floor scales are able to compensate for changes in temperature, air currents, vibrations and other scrap yard conditions to provide you with the highest accuracy possible.

Data Communication and Printing

We offer a variety of connection ports that will allow you to print receipts or tickets with pertinent information like weight, time and date.

Weighbridge Mangement Software

Reliable offers computerized software intergrated with weighbridge for data monitoring and storage. 

  • Tare Weight & Net Weight – Automatic Calculation
  • Customer Database
  • Material Database – with price per Ton\Kg
  • Source – Destination Database
  • Multiple Weighbridge Intergration
  • IP Camera Intergration – Security
  • VAT ( Value Added Tax) Intergration
  • Reports Analysis – | Material | Customer | Transaction | Location | In-Out Status | Total Amount | Total VAT.
  • SQL  Database | MS Access Database – Compatible with Local\Network integration.




Custom Platform Sizes & Scales

If your yard has special considerations such as limited space, we offer custom platform sizes according to your requriement.

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