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Every construction business must place importance on construction load management for better efficiencies in their processes.
This industry relies heavily on accuracy and implementing the right weighing scales will go a long way.

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The construction industry has a dynamic operational environment that makes it absolutely essential that the industry uses the right kind of tools and systems to raise the bar of performance and efficiency. These tools have the power to directly affect the output and profitability of any construction business. 

One critical tool that must be a part of every construction business is the weighing system. Three weighing systems are commonly used by the construction industry.

Truck scales also known as weighbridges are compatible with any loading system once they are configured properly. They are designed to handle various weights and material types in different types of weather conditions. They give precise measurements, ensuring that the trucks carry the correct load for greater efficiency.

Also known as wheel weighers, portable truck scales are extremely lightweight and portable. This allows the user to transport these scales easily, assemble them and dismantle once the weighing is done. These scales can be easily set up on any surface and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions because they are built from durable materials. Users can choose from a wide variety offered by most vendors. Software-integrated scales also can be used for maximum precision. Financial and material losses can be minimized, as these scales deliver accurate measurements and boost operational proficiency.

These scales take the guesswork out of loading, remove the worry about overweight fines, and the risk of accidents drops significantly. However, users must be aware of the following factors that affect the weighing system’s accuracy.

Various factors can affect the accuracy of the weighing system in a significant manner by adding more force to the applied load and load cells.

Some environmental factors include:

  • wind loading:the flow of air movement created by air conditioners or air ducts affecting the weighing system;
  • unclean scales:additional pressure from dust and dirt build up will affect the weight;
  • vibrations:load cells can interpret vibrations from nearby equipment as additional force, thus providing incorrect output; and
  • shock loading:the sudden dumping of heavy materials on the weighing system can put more force than the maximum rated capacity and damage the load cells or the weighing system.
  • If there is any interference to the electrical signal being processed by a weight controller, it can affect the weight results. RFI, EMI, temperature and moisture are some factors.

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