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RiceLake iDimension® 100

Key Facts

Effects & Significance

Rice Lake’s iDimension™ 100 is the fastest solution for calculating NTEP Certified dimensions of boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and other irregular-shaped packages. iDimension 100 is designed to ensure freight compliance and deter revenue-loss from miscalculated dimensions in retail, office and shipping environments. With an operator display directly attached and no PC interface required, iDimension 100 is truly plug and play—simply open, assemble and display dimensions. Instantly.

iDimension 100 is ready to function as soon as you connect it to a power source. With all necessary tools and components included, assembly is quick and operator training is minimized. When connected to a network via DHCP or static IP, the embedded firmware provides access to additional screens and configuration parameters—no additional software installation is required.

iDimension 100’s multiple patented, innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging work together to optimize time and throughput for boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and irregularshaped packages. For flats or packages under 1.2 inches, use the flat detection trigger located on the base plate or connect to a compatible scale.

With the standard operator display already attached to the frame, setup is easy and operation is simple. iDimension 100 provides length, width and height. Integrating an existing compatible scale adds weight to the displayed data.  

Use the standard automatic operating mode to instantly scan a parcel when it is placed in the target zone. Improve process time and efficiency with virtually no special alignment or special handling. 

Parcels are dimensioned more accurately and faster than manual measurements, eliminating the risk of human error. In an industry leading 0.2 seconds, NTEP Certified dimensions are calculated within 0.2 inches of accuracy. Irregular-shaped packages like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven shapes are dimensioned within an NTEP Certified 0.5 inches of accuracy.

As a network device, take advantage of the simple, open-web service API to interface to third-party software programs and capture dimensions, weight and an image of the item. Create your own program and trigger the iDimension 100 to dimension an item and store data of each shipment or receipt of product.  

Contact Rice Lake Weighing Systems for an up-to-date listing of compatible software programs.

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