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Counting Scale

Counting Scales | Standard weighing scale with additional feature of counting pieces of material . The retail applications and operations mostly require counting scales. It shows weight of each piece which is pre-defined by the user and calculates the quantity of material by the ratio of total weight :weight per piece . Ohaus counting scales are generalised with capacities like 6 kg | 15 kg | 30 kg with different resolution.
counting scale

EB Series

Weigh, count, checkweigh, checkcount, percent weigh—the function weighing scale designed as a cost-effective, high-performance equipment for a multitude of light to medium industrial applications.


EC Series

OHAUS EC Series Counting Scales are designed for fast, accurate operation at an economical price.

counting scale

Aviator 2000

Aviator 2000 offers every feature essential to a price computing scale, plus additional features that provide an optimal User experience.

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Digital counting scales fetch the weight of the product\item placed on the weighing platform . And divides the weight by the individual weight of  product to find the quantity . It also computes the average piece weight . The counting scale is capable of displaying the number of pieces or parts with high accuracy . The items you are counting must be uniform in weight . No counting scale will ever work if there is a significant variation in the weight of the items . The larger the initial sample (100 pieces versus 5 pieces) the better results the counting scale can provide since it averages out any variations in the piece weights for accuracy . Accuracy depend on operations and use-ability of the product . We at Reliable provide accurate Calibration of the our supplied products with authorised certification .

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