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Prisma 01T3 Specialized for Pharmaceutical Industry

Prisma 01T3

01T3 pharma is the ideal checkweigher for pharmaceutical products in small formats at high speed

It includes a touch screen display with 200 storable programs and additional ethernet port to communicate externally.


Rangeup to 600 g
Divisionfrom 0.1 g
Speedup to 100 m | min
Through-putup to 500 ppm
Accuracy*from ± 0.1 g
Pneumatic supply0.6 Mpa | 6 Bar
Air consumption (for ejection)1 Nl
Power supply230 V | 50 | 60 Hz single-phase
Power consumption700 W
IP ratingStain-less steel – IP 54
Climatic environment5 ° C  – 40 ° C non-condensing (closed)


Flow Packs

Additional Functions


Rejection Systems

It rejects the de-fective pro-ducts with un-acceptable tolerance . The rejected pro-ducts blows off from the line with the help of the air jet ejectors .


Reject Mangement Systems

In the same way the product bins can be integrated with the line and aligned across the pneumatic blower . In addition it has been provided with an key access to the bins . These key access allows only authorised personnel to access them . 


Alarm Notification

This helps to enable an alert to the inter-linked system through the audio as well as visual notifications . 


Wind Prevention Tunnel

In fact it offers a variety of high resist-ance guards to eliminate any kind of contamination . 


On Board Printer

At the same time of weighing it also allows you to easily print the pro-duction data . 


Defect Detection

Above all it allows you to identify if there are any defects in box construction . 


Program Memory Expansion

The limitation of the program is ex-pandable by increasing the available memory by the same token . 


Feed Back Function

Moreover it co-mmunicates internally with the on board dosing device to reduce the mean error . This also helps in preventing waste due to the incorrect dosing and future rejects . 

Special Conveyors

Prisma 01T3 check weigher are available with belt as well as with slat conveyors . Slat con-veyors is the most pre-ferable option to move items that are not typically con-veyable on rollers or belts . 


USB and Ethernet Interface

It has network functions such as real-time data monitoring . Also helps to co-mmunicate with the parent system over the network . The model is in addition compatible with our DMT software . DMT software allows direct remote control over the entire pro-duction pro-cess . 

Match Specification

Does the finished pro-duct matches the required specifications ?
Your check weigher should compare data with in the per-missible limits that you have set . Over weight pro-duction should be eliminated as your future business depends on it . 


Net Weight :Under

The check weigher helps en-suring that in any case your pro-ducts should meet customer’s ex-pectations . As well as the standard food safe-ty and in-spection services for pro-duct weight . 


Net Weight :Over

In the first place do not give away product . The check weigher can help your bottom line by en-suring that there is no wastage due to over weight pro-ducts . 


The Prisma 01T3 check weigher can be in-tegrated with in-spection equipment such as metal detectors or X-ray systems . This also helps to achieve an eco-nomical and health as-sured pro-duct . 



Prisma 01T3 check weighers can even classify products in to weight zones as well as grades . 


Missing PrimaryComponents

Every customer requires the weight and on the other hand count by weight functions . As a matter of fact , what would a customer think if he opens a box of cookies , and a piece was already missing from the tray ? 


Check whether the Packed product has been damaged or not ? 
Is there any leakage found ? 
Has it been filled with the right number of products ?
Any foreign object found its way into the packaging ?
A checkweigher can discover a problem before or at the end of the line . 



At the same time the weight data from your check weigher can be co-mmunicated with your filler system . This also helps to control over or under weight . 


Missing SecondaryComponents

Although this may be true that the product might not be damaged . But is everything else that should be inside also en-closed – like a leaflet, spoon or straw ? 


Lot Deviation

Before a ship-ment goes out from the pro-duction end line , check weighers can monitor lots . And can also compare average as well as standard de-viation to target . 

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Furthermore , capable of weighing each object very accurately on a conveyor . And also measures the de-viation from the described weight .  As a result weight range of the volumetric divider stays with in a given range . Check weighers are typically used in four main areas :


Before the final packaging , the weight of the product is verified to en-sure that the quality standards are met . 

Primary Packaging

The Pro-duct weight in each of the package is verified before the bulk pack-aging . This similarly helps to pre-vent the non confirming results . 

Secondary Packaging

Combining of multiple pro-ducts  and verifying their weight prior to the case pack-aging . 

Case and Bulk

Final packing of the pack-aged case or batch . 

While static weighing with test weights
The check weigher per-formance is repeat-able , linear as well as reacts minimally with temperature variation . Accuracy of Prisma check weigher is comparatively high in static mode . The check weigher application will determines how well it will perform equally in the dynamic mode with the material conveying . 

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