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Reliable Calibration & Measurements Laboratory

Calibration Services. Calibration Reports

An ISO 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory from Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC).

Reliable Laboratory is primarily suited to the needs of commercial test laboratories. It provides accredited calibrationservices to production and manufacturing industry. Since (ILAC) International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation  has developed a (MRA)Mutual Recognition Agreement  for international cooperation between agencies to promote the acceptance of accredited and calibrated results around the globe. Our environmentally controlled lab is sophistically equipped to offer fast turnaround.

Our accredited scope covers calibration of – Mass | Weighing Equipment | Weighbridge

And we also provide services for 

  • Pressure | Vacuum – Pressure Gauge | Safety Valve | Pressure Recorder | Pressure Transducer\Transmitter | Pressure Switch
  • Temperature | Humidity – Digital Thermometer |  Hygrometer | Freezer | Chiler | Oven | Furnace
  • Linear | Dimensional – Vernier\Digital Caliper | Micrometer | Hieght Gauge | Depth Gauge | 
  • Electrical – Multimeter | Megger | Earth Tester | Resitance | Capacitance | Frequency | HV Tester | Clamp Meter
  • Force | Torque – Torque Wrence | Compression Testing Machine | Tensile Testing Machine
  • Ph Meter | Conductivity Meter
  • Mulit-gas-detector
  • Volume – Pipette | Burette | Beaker | Measuring Cylinder | Measuring Jar
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Calibration of Weighing Equipment from 1mg to 120 Ton Capacity

One Time Calibration | AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract

What is it ?
• A set of operations performed in accordance with a definite procedure.
• It compares the measurements performed by an instrument to those made by a more accurate instrument.
Following a standard for the purpose of detecting, reporting and adjusting errors which has been observed while testing. 

Purpose of it is
• Ensure readings from an instrument are consistent with other instruments.
• Determine the accuracy of the instrument 
• Confirm that it can be trusted for its observed/displayed measured value.

Uncertainty- How accurate are your measurements ?
• It is a measure of the quality of a measurement.
• Provides the means to assess & minimize the risks and possible consequences of poor decision.

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