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Airport Baggage Scale

ABS960+ Airport Check-in Conveyor Scales

With product in over 130 countries, the Atrax ABS960+ airport baggage scale is a common sight at check-in, with an average of 20 people per second using one of over 30,000 Atrax scales in use world-wide.
The scale units are divided into three main components – scale base, operator display and passenger display. Each component is connected together with a single cable and the displays can be located to suit the check-in counter layout. All connections are plug in so no on site wiring is necessary. A description of each component is given below.

In- Motion Conveyor Weighing System

A typical Atrax scale base is pictured alongside, modified for the dimensions to suit client check-in conveyors. The Atrax baggage scale base is designed to adapt to your baggage handling system, not vice versa. For more than 20 years and around the world, many different types of conveyors have been fitted to the Atrax scale bases. The design of the Atrax scale base coupled with the experience of our designers means that the base will accommodate most sizes of motorised conveyor (provided by others) – essential for flexibility of check-in counter layout and conveyor design.

Digital Cabin Bag Check Units

ATRAX has designed a modern digital cabin bag dimensioning unit to help passengers get their carry-on size and weight right. This stylish unit will enhance airport environments and save airport operations both time and money.

Extended Operator Panels

A functional add-on to the ABS960+ airport baggage scale is the Atrax extended operator panel.
This is a stainless steel panel surrounding the operator panel, and which contains controls and a key switch pertaining to check-in agent operation of the check-in conveyor.

Static Baggage Scale Platform

In countries or smaller airports where motorised check-in conveyors are not used, static platforms with manual rollers are often used for stationary weighing of airport baggage and connected with standard Atrax ABS960+ scale electronics with dual displays for operator and passenger. Fitted to the top of the platform is a heavy duty stainless steel cover pan which provides an attractive and durable weighing surface.

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