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Reliable Truck Scales are avialable in different types pitless truck scales, pit type truck scales, portable weighbridge, concrete weighbridge 

  • Heavy duty steel structure.
  • Ease of in-stallation and maintenance.
  • Steel checkered plate for grip.
  • In-tegration of ramps (If required).
  • Bench marking quality.
  • High performance.
  • Superior coating on structures.
  • Customization available.
truck scale


  • Annual Maintenance Services.
  • Accredited Calibration (EIAC Certified).
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Services.
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Services.
  • Re-pair and overhaul.
  • Re-installation & Re-location Services.
  • Rental Services.
  • Spares and Accesories Available.
  • In-spection and verification with calibrated weights.
  • Training of weighbridge operations.
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support.


Platform Size (Meters)Capacity (Tonnes)No of Load Cells
6 x 320 – 304
12 x 350 – 606
18 x 380 – 1208
24 x 3 Upto 25010
  • Modular designs are avialable.
  • Steel checkered plates on the top for tyres grip.
  • Suitable for both surface mount as well as pit mount truck scales.
  • Customized sizes and capacities available.
  • Integration of loadcells and steel modules to exisiting scale.

Load Cells and Mounting

Quantity & Capacity of loadcells differs according to the dimensions and required accuracy of the weighbridge. Each loadcell has an individual capacity ranging from 45,000 lbs to 1,35,000 lbs. Wires shielded by aluminum foil and tinned copper braid are provided at each load cell . Which helps for earthing and protects the weighbridge when lightning strikes.

load cell

Weighbridge Electronics

Weighing Control Panel


Weighing Indicator

weighing indicator


load cell

Weighing Control Panel


Loadcell Cable

External Display

Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge Ticket Printer

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