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Surface Mount Weighbridge

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Reliable provides surface mount weighbridge with inbuilt steel foundation plates which eliminates the civil foundation work. For the erection of the weighbridge only a well leveled hard surface is required. This process accrue saving in cost of civil foundation work and time.

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Surface Mount weighbridge can be dismantled and re-erected within a short span of time, it can be constantly relocated near to area of operation. This will help enormously in reducing lead distance, reduction of handling cost, manpower, and appreciable improvement in productivity.

Our weighbridges are of modular design which comprises of a fully welded modules which eliminates the rattling of the system due to loose fasteners. Such rattling leads to inconsistency and inaccuracy in weighing.



  • Surface mounted weighbridge have the advantage of future up-gradations by simply adding a module or two to have a longer platform

  • The modular type weighbridge has 4 main longitudinal members hence the structure is more strong, yet sleek.

  • Our Weighbridges are fitted with load cells which supports the structure through a special arrangement. This ensures the structure swings in order to avoid the shock loading transferred directly to the load cell on a dynamic force created by a moving truck over the platform and thereby load cell accuracy is sustained for a longer period

  • The chances of weighbridge getting rusted is less as the modules are seamlessly welded and rain water and slush cannot find their way to the under chassis of the weighbridge which will definitely reduce the maintenance cost.

  • Our weighbridge comprises of modules which are fully welded and rigid, hence the effect of cyclic loading does not cause any problem and thereby reduces your maintenance cost to a minimum.

  • Our weighbridge could also be installed permanently on a hard surface with a concrete mat or on M.S. Plates under the load cell points and the ramps.

Reliable Standard Weighbridge Capacities Covers almost all  of industrial & commercial requirements.

Capacity :20Ton | 40 Ton | 60 Ton | 80 Ton | 100 Ton | 120 Ton

We supply all standard size weighbridges and also customized weighbridges according to customers requirement, which makes our products and services versatile in the competitive market.

Standard Sizes :6 meter x 3 meter | 12 meter x 3 meter | 18 meter x 3 meter | 24 meter x 3 meter | Customized Size

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Surface Mount Weighbridge | Wholesale Dealer in UAE | Maintenance Contract | Free Delivery | High Quality | Competitive Price | 24/7 Emergency Service | Accredited Calibration | Authorized Service Center

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