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Foundationless WeighBridge

Foundationless weighbridges are suitable for short term vehicular weighing. e.g. Waste recycling, sand, road building, construction, gravel, concrete or asphalt batching plants. These weighbridges are the perfect solution for temporary sites, As it helps eliminating costly civil work and maintenance. Portable weighbridge design are less expensive yet requires construction of ramps at either end of the scale. As a result, it consumes much more space, due to the both side ramps which are approximately same length of the weighbridge together.


Foundationless weighbridges are moreover prefered?

Standard surface mount weighbridges have heavy rigid platforms and require costly and time taking civil foundation. Hence shifting of the weighbridge becomes very expensive. As it also results inclusion of trailers or open trucks to transport it, and again civil foundation has to be built at the new site. Furthermore, it involves labour for dismantling and re-commissioning and adds a major cost in the revenue.

Our foundationless has a unique design which eliminates all the above disadvantages of stnadard weighbridge. Also enables quick shifting at a very low cost. Ease of transportation due to its modular design with minimal civil foundation work.

portable wieghbridge
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