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Concrete Weighbridge

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Concrete Platform Weighbridges
With ever-rising steel prices, it makes great economic sense to install concrete platform weighbridges. Apart from low costs, it offers high strength, maintenance free and does not require painting every year. Its life is to long as compared to the typical steel platform. Due to the advantages of concrete platforms, the developed world has been using them for over 30 years. Modern day transportation is moving towards using longer trucks and trailers. The concrete platform weighbridge can bear heavier loads. That is why all modern bridges that one sees on the city roads are either concrete or composite.


The cost of material required for construction of concrete platform is approximately 40% less than that of steel platform.


Due to rattling of steel structure, nuts & bolts get loosened thereby requiring periodic tightening. Also steel gets rusted due to changes in the environment over a period. Being a totally concrete structure, there is no rusting of components in concrete platforms hence they are totally maintenance free.


Steel being flexible tends to bend & rattles when the truck comes onto the platform. Due to this there is a lateral pull of the load cells wherein ideally the load should be transferred vertically. The concrete platform is a rigid monolithic structure. As soon as the vehicle comes over the platform, the load gets distributed to all 6-load cells.


Steel structure being lighter by weight than the gross load of the vehicle coming on the platform, a cantilever effect takes place with inverse forces taking place at the ends thereby having a tendency to twist the steel structure & causing weighing errors. The concrete platform being a heavy mass has more stability. Hence, no inverse forces take place in the platform.


The steel platform/girder structure gets weak due to rusting & loosening of nuts etc. The concrete platform has a very long life and no bending effect takes place.


The steel structured weighbridge is fabricated and transported to site by truck for installation on the foundation thus incurring heavy transportation costs while the construction of the concrete platform is cast on the foundation at site which eliminates the transportation cost.

Reliable Standard Weighbridge Capacities – covers almost all  of the industrial and commercial requirements.

Capacity :20Ton | 40 Ton | 60 Ton | 80 Ton | 100 Ton | 120 Ton | 150 Ton | 200 Ton | 250 Ton

We supply all standard size weighbridges and also customized weighbridges according to customers requirement, which makes our products and services versatile in the competitive market.

Standard Sizes :6 meter x 3 meter | 12 meter x 3 meter | 18 meter x 3 meter | 24 meter x 3 meter

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