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packaging system
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Flow Wrap Machines

For primary packaging, we can supply flow wrap machines to pack all kind of food and non-food products like bakery, cosmetics, electronics, detergents etc. In this machine, sliding of the product takes place inside a single packaging film, which is welded in three points:two traverse and one longitudinal welds.
Choosing a flow pack machine:Flow wrap packaging is designed to grant integrity and aesthetics
•It is particularly recommended for the most perishable items, such as food, because it maintains the product’s qualitative characteristics.
•It emphasizes the actual shape of the product.
Flow wrap application:What you can pack with our flow wrap machine?
•Breads and all dry baked products, biscuits, chocolate bars, wafers, chewing gum, slice and cupcakes.
•Meat products, chicken, dates, fruits & vegetables.
•Soap bars, detergent pads, cosmetics, pills or tablet, healthcare products.
•Small electronics items, mechanical parts etc
Different types of packaging films can be used in flow wrap machine like BOPP, retractable film, rolled OPA/PE and others depends on the application.

packaging system
flow wrap machines
Flow wrap Product
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Shrink Wrapping Machine

We can provide shrink-wrapping machine and solution for the promotional packaging used in perfumes, cosmetics and healthcare product, food items and many other industries and application.
Our shrink packaging machines are available in wide range to wrap the product of all sizes. Shrink wrapping we supply has many applications across the industries, not only is it easy to use, but it offers a wide range of benefits as well. Some of them are given below:
•Increase storage space
•Protect merchandise from damage
•Increase marketing from printed shrink-wrap.
•Provides a cost efficient option.
•Utilize unique packaging options.

packaging system
Shrink Wrap Machines
Shrink Wrap Machines
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Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet wrapping machines can be turntable type, robotic or automatic wrapping machines as per the requirement. It is used to pack the pallets and goods for shipping purpose.
Advantages of using our pallet wrapping machines:
•Protection of goods from damage, dust, and moisture.
•Improved safety
•Saves time
•Save on film costs
•Faster packaging
•Efficient product wrapping
•Increased productivity
•Improved inventory control

packaging system
Pallet Wrapping Machine
Pallet robotic Wrapping
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Filling, Capping and Labelling

For all types of powder, liquid and semi liquid, viscous products, bottles & jars of different shapes and sizes, we can offer filling & capping machines. In addition, we have wide range of labelling machines and solutions for various types of product and labels.
We supply standardized and tailor made solutions for the food, chemical and cosmetic industries.
Filling units:Dosing units are suitable for volumetric, pneumatic and electronic filling of powder, dense and semi-dense products. Our solutions are suitable to fill creams, liquids, powders, aggressive products etc.
Capping Units:Our capping systems are appropriate for each type of closure:screw caps snap or twist off. We realize also tailored pick and place systems for automatic cap positioning.
Labelling Units:Application equipment can be top, bottom, front/back, wrap around, and print & apply, security seal and others.

Filling & Capping Machine
Filling & Capping Machine Products
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Print & Apply Machines

Warehouse automation through warehouse management (WMS) and mobility technology (RF/RFID) systems, as well as self-supporting warehouses, require perfect pallet labeling for proper warehouse management through the reading of barcodes printed on the label (SSCC) or of the RFID TAG incorporated in the label.

The pallet label is the last element incorporated in the product on the production line after palletization and shrink wrapping, and so proper label positioning during the subsequent logistics and distribution process is essential for maintaining traceability.

Our print & apply systems are compact, reliable, and easy to integrate, and comply with international GS1 requirements on pallet labeling, thus ensuring the ability to identify all types of pallets traveling and moving through the supply chain.

packaging system
Print & Apply Machines
Print & Apply Machines Products
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