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Material :Glass

Printing Expiry and Manufacture Date on Glass

We have a range of printing technologies and solutions for coding and marking on to both wet and dry glass . Whether you require an indelible identification code , or one that can be removed before re-use . Linx has the product identification marking solution for you .

For internal trace-ability and anti-counterfeiting of high value goods . Our Linx UV readable inks for Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers provide a reliable printing solution for glass marking .

Inkjet Coding and Laser Marking Solution

Our range of laser coders includes models for permanent coding and marking of both hot and cold glasses . And includes robust models designed to operate in the extreme conditions of glass manufacturing plants .

Whether you are looking to print onto glasses using adhesive inks . Or etch (etching) directly into the surface of the glass . Linx has the printing solutions capable to complete any such work .

Industrial Date Coding Printers

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