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Wire Industry

wire industry
wire industry
wire industry
wire industry

Industry :Wire and Cable

Linx provides high speed cable marking and wire printing solutions . It allows to code accurately using small characters for reliable traceability even onto fibre optic cables . Intuitive user interfaces ensure you have quick control over code creation and selection and a link to a central PC further reduces the chance of operator error .

Inkjet Coding and Laser Marking Solution

Built-in reliability also means less downtime on your line . As Linx wire coders function quickly and effectively . Also helps you to keep up with high speed cabling production .

Date Coding and Case Coding

If you are looking for faster change over times then our digital wire coders is the right equipment . It provides the capability to deliver quick and simple changes to code with even less downtime . And codes will be clear and precise on a range of materials . Allows to meet internationally set wire and cable coding standards using add-ons like metre marking software . 
We are proud of our code quality and know it can help you to reduce scrappage costs as it delivers robust and legible coding . Our pigmented inks provide clarity and contrast whatever the substrate colour is . And also have excellent adhesion to the surface of almost any material . And for a truly permanent code we even have laser coding solutions . Whatever your choice is , we deliver light-fast codes that would not fade during storage or in end-use .

Labelling and Marking in Wire Industry

  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) – non-contact , digital coding solutions provide quick and accurate code changeovers
  • Laser Coders – high quality and permanent coding at high speed
Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions

Special Adherence Inks Datasheet

Linx Contrasting Inks Datasheet

Choosing The Best Wire & Cable Coding Solution White Paper

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