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Pharmaceutical Industry

pharmaceutical industry
pharmaceutical industry
pharmaceutical industry
pharmaceutical industry

The modern pharmaceutical industry uses high-speed production lines requiring fast printers and coders . Our CIJ and laser coders can be installed in any high-speed production line without compromising quality . The ability to code in any orientation makes installation simple with minimal impact on your existing workflows . 

Industry :Pharmaceutical

Long flexible CIJ conduits allow printhead positioning into most production line setups . Also the articulated arms and compact marking heads on our lasers make integration into your pharmaceutical industry quicker . And helps reducing your downtime for retro-engineering of your production line to accommodate new coders .

Printing Expiry and Manufacture Date in Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer a pharmaceutical coding range with printers and inks specifically designed around the needs of pharmaceutical companies . Our coders can meet your requirements for :high line-speed environments | very small code printing | food grade inks for ingestible products | cost-effective manufacturing . Our range of specialist inks allows pharmaceutical products to be safely and effectively marked . Food-grade inks can be used to mark ingestible products like capsules or UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting measures .

Ensure that your pharmaceutical industry coding solutions are within the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) – consider the best technologies for your production environment, product, and complexity of code .

Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions

Special Adherence Inks Datasheet

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