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Baked Good

baked good
baked good

The baked good industry presents many challenges to manufacturers . Which includes a broad variety of packaging types to dusty production environments that test the reliability of your packing line equipment .

With little chance to rework or recode baked products, first-time code accuracy is important ; this includes error-free code setup as well as code legibility and durability during end-use . Linx printers are easy to use without complicated menu systems , making code setup and selection quick and simple .

As the baked good industry experiences more product diversification . Such as healthier , sugar and gluten-free options – so the packaging requirements become broader . Which means your coding equipment must keep up with the changes .

Whether you are looking to improve the productivity of your line . Or need a quality coding solution for the diverse range of packaging types found in the baked good industry Linx can provide a solution to meet your specific needs .

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) – perhaps the most cost-effective choice for baked good marking and coding . CIJ maintains an important place as it can print on almost any substrate . A wide range of inks are available to use with CIJ printers including coloured inks to ensure legibility on any colour substrate . UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting or water-removable inks for internal traceability .

Temperature Resistant Coding on Baked Good

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